Concept art describes an art form which puts ideas in the forefront since the 1960s. One of the most influential representatives is the French concept artist Bertrand Lavier, who in his Walt Disney productions created real exhibits from fictitious pieces of art. The Greek Ilan Manouach questioned conventional schools of thought by meddling with color and figure concepts of well-known comics. In Shapereader he replaces all commonly used tools of expression in comics and challenges the tactile senses. Artist Wasco (Haarlem NL) demonstrates in his stories that concept art can be minimalistic, imaginative and humorous.

It might be easy to draw a simple comic strip, but how to create visual literature? Professionals from all around the globe meet up to discuss how they teach drawing – be it at prestigious universities, a Pakistani prison for women, freelance – or at Fumetto. These different approaches and goals in comic teaching are going to inspire the Fumetto audience who is asked to accompany the discussion with live drawing!

Lookig through the VR-goggles, we immediately become immersed in a 360 degrees panorama. Drawing in Virtual Reality (VR) opens up new possibilities for storytellers. The comic artist Sutu (AUS) uses technology for his passionate comic-storytelling. He will discuss with VR-designers and -artists the possibilities and limitations of sequential art within virtual space. This discussion is aimed at all those interested in art and technology as well as storytelling.

Persistent and tireless they must be, the comic warriors, on their way to Mount Olymp in the world of language and image. The fortune of having a first publication rewards skill, patience and concentration. But then what? What’s life like as a comic-artist in Switzerland? Comic artists and representatives of Swiss art funding institutions talk about drawing as a profession – without frills. This panel gives a preview of a series of events at Fumetto in 2018 manual on surviving as a comic artist.

Comics that go under the skin are often infused by the author’s life. Autobiographies in comic form are popular. Characters which are cleverly built from the unaltered ego captivate the reader – and often lead them astray. However, the use of one’s own person is risqué. Once the unaltered ego is out there, there’s no turning back. Artists talk about their motivation to draw biographically, experts inform what autobiographical comics entail.

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